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PostSubject: Luna's Profile   Luna's Profile I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 21, 2011 3:07 pm

Name: Kandyse
Gender: Female
Tribe: Shadow
Rank: Leader?
History: _She ran away when she was young with her brother Disoto or Soto for short, and they survived on their own with the help of a nearby wolf, she was very brave and that is who they call Aunt Luna, she is very beautiful ad very wise, but has withered with her age, but still taught her to NEVER back down, even if you are afraid your going to lose which has made her the tough little tomboy wolf she is today_
Fur Colour: Pink, Ugh
Fur Markings: tint of white
Eye Colour: Bright green
What I look for in a Mate: a male who looks for what is beautiful on the inside, not her looks or rank, one who will love her for who she, not what she looks like, and will play with her, and be romantic, but fierce when needed, will anyone let her ind what she;s looking for?
Pups: no, but i wouldnt mind any
Personality: She's very outgoing, she's also very sure of herself, and she's very stubborn, and loves to fight, never backs down, she is a true born leader.
Picture (don't drool lol jk Smile ): Copy and paste this into your browser and you will see her picture


Are we allowed to have more than one? i wanted to make her brother Disoto?

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Luna's Profile
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