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 Wolfy's Profile >:3

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PostSubject: Wolfy's Profile >:3   Tue May 10, 2011 2:39 pm

Name: Prim
Gender: Female
Tribe: Loner (If that is allowed. Razz)
Rank: None
Fur Colour: Black with rusty brown mixed in
Fur Markings: No major markings
Eye Colour: Yellow
Mate: None, currently
Pups: None, currently
Personality: A confused wolf. She is clumsy and foolishly kind, and gets lost in her own thought. She will glare off in the middle of conversations, and even battle, and just glare at the sky. She is horribly forgetful as well, don't expect for her to remember your name, even after only a few days. Being as she is nice, she can be easily tricked and manipulated.

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Wolfy's Profile >:3
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